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Steroid Cycles for Women
Anabolic steroids for women! As you might be aware, this is a very rare topic that would come under discussion. The major reason for this is that most of the steroid-users are men. When it comes to steroid stacks for females, you need to understand that there is a vast difference between the normal anabolic steroid cycles and those cycles for women. This is because; most of the cycles were designed for the male steroid-users. And hence, a most of the steroid-use information, cycles, post-cycle considerations, as well as the guidelines don’t apply to women. So, which is the right steroid cycle for women? Continue reading to know more…
Things to be considered by the Female Steroid Users:
Firstly, all female steroid-users must understand the basic functions of anabolic steroids in our body. You must understand that these are the male hormones and hence, there are possibilities for developing secondary male sex characters. This is the reason why you are recommended to avoid the steroid usage during gestation. Also, you are recommended to have a proper understanding of the types of anabolic steroids that will suit you.
Male vs. Female Steroid Cycles – Understanding the Difference:
Remember, testosterone is not all needed for use in a female steroid cycle. Why? It’s because females don’t manufacture the same amount of testosterone as males. And hence, they would require only very fewer amounts of the hormone compared to men. As such, women would produce only about 1/10th of the production of this hormone when compared to men. Therefore, it becomes unnecessary to include this in your steroid cycles. However, I would say it’s your personal preference whether to include this in your cycles or not.
Next thing is your post cycle therapy. As a female user, you don’t need a post cycle therapy after the completion of your anabolic cycle. This is because the very purpose of a post cycle therapy is to restore the normal function of the testosterone synthesis, as well as the HPTA function in men which is not at all needed in women.
The third thing to note is that the cycle lengths must be too short in women in comparison with men. The shorter cycles are preferred in order to prevent the virilization development in women. Also, as a female-user, you must not go for stronger steroids as these would increase the chances and/or severity of virilization and/or masculinizing effects in you. So, what’s the ideal cycle length for you? Well, your steroid cycle length must not exceed four weeks at a time. And, if you are found to have any virilization effect before this short time, you must stop your steroid intake immediately.
Another point to be kept in mind is that you must avoid anabolic steroid stacks, as well as combinations, because the virilization effects would increase by this practice.

Finally, you must make sure to take proper time off between your cycles. Generally, the female users will be advised to take a minimum of 4 - 8 weeks break between their cycles to make the normalization of their internal systems. http://steroidsfax.com